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Friday Nights

On this Friday night, I am sitting on the couch, and watching Parks And Recreation. I’ve been snacking on popcorn and fruit. And I just can’t believe that I haven’t just relaxed like this for so long. You need to follow some good ol’ Parks&Rec advice and treat yo self

So don’t mind me while I just admire Ben and Leslie’s relationship, and laugh at everything else on the show.

Anonymous asked: im sorry youre feeling like youre feeling. I can relate SO MUCH. But remember Who made you. Remember that He is a God of order and also a God of love. He didnt make everything in one day, you dont have to either. Rest on Him. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and hold up your arms and ask Him to carry you, because your feet are so bruised, you cant walk anymore. And He LOVES that. Not your bruised feet, but you reminding yourself that He's bigger than you. Sleep easy, beloved.

This is just oh so good. Thank you, kind friend.


I am only looking for a peace of mind. My soul craves a break from all of the chaos. The trials and struggles are good, but they are draining me. Those hard times do push us to become a better version of ourselves-I’m not denying that.

But frankly, some answers or perhaps just some relief would be lovely.

Then again. If that relief came as soon as we wanted it, then we would not be driven to such a desperate emptiness. If we attained that peace so quickly, we would not find ourselves in a place of realization where the only One who can fill us is the One who made us.

All of this circular reasoning should be comforting, but sometimes it still isn’t. Today was just one of those days. We need to have faith and believe that He loves me. But, ah, my heart is fickle. So in the end everything is easier said than done.

So today I choose with whatever strength I have left, for all of my emotions and feelings have failed to carry me. And so today I am thankful for this brokenness- no matter how soul crushing it may be.

//Tres meses mas

October is already here. Yesterday it was only February, and I am just sitting here trying to grasp every moment that passes by me. I write letters to my older self trying to capture the now in order to reflect on it later. I take pictures to make that glimpse of light last forever. Everything I do simply an effort to catch up, to prevent myself from falling behind. Even now, I do not understand how to simply be. 

Three more months in Birmingham. Three more months.

There   is    a   beauty    in    learning

              the    art    of    simply    being. 

"Like the petals in our pockets
May we remember who we are
Unconditionally cared for
By those who share our broken hearts

The table is set and our glasses are full
Though pieces go missing, may we still feel whole
We’ll build new traditions in place of the old
   ’cause life without revision will silence our souls”

And this is what I shall pray for the months to come.

(Source: Spotify)

I made an apple pie tonight- the first of many pies over the course of who knows how many years. The crisp apples, the sweet cinnamon and sugar. Rolling out the pie crust, placing the pie crust, putting it in the oven. I am learning to find healing in these tasks. 


i have loved living in here
all of these people i met
the places of comfort

the time is coming to leave
and i’m realizing how much i will miss it