I made an apple pie tonight- the first of many pies over the course of who knows how many years. The crisp apples, the sweet cinnamon and sugar. Rolling out the pie crust, placing the pie crust, putting it in the oven. I am learning to find healing in these tasks. 


i have loved living in here
all of these people i met
the places of comfort

the time is coming to leave
and i’m realizing how much i will miss it


Where I come from


Where I come from

Los recuerdos vienen tan rapido.
Recuerdos de El Salvador,
bailando con mis compañeros,
comiendo toda la comida típica,
jugando futbol en el barrio,
hablando en español,
cuetes para el 15,
los colores de Ataco y Apaneca,
el panadero que siempre pasa.,
montañas por todos lados,
las playas llenas de sol,
ir al mercado y que todos te digan “corazon”
los catedrales de cada ciudad,
el teatro nacional,
los parques centrales.

Y hoy les digo,
lo extraño mas que a nada.

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I am waiting on a dock to finally set sail. The salty breeze is beckoning. There are still many things I must do before my ship is finally ready, but I can feel the time is coming. Starting in the tips of my fingers and toes, I feel the excitement of a new journey sending sparks into my body. Slowly this electricity is reviving my heavy limbs. Little by little, this current is clearing away the stiff ache from my bones. Then all of sudden, my soul is overwhelmed with this ecstasy. I do not know what it is about this journey that has made me feel so different than any other time in my life, but the sea is calling me. I can finally here it.


Gotta dance to those lonely tunes as well as the jives. Because how can we appreciate the lightness of feet if we haven’t felt the stiffness of dry bones?

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When I visited- my heart was overwhelmed with joy, and my spirit refreshed with His presence.  (at Covenant College)

When I visited- my heart was overwhelmed with joy, and my spirit refreshed with His presence. (at Covenant College)

Before I Sleep

As I lie down to finally close my eyes to this day, I am surprised by one more thing: a bright moon. I can see it from my very own window. The dim, white glow invading my room. There it is. There is the moon reminding me that not everything changes. It’s still there- just like it was last winter, just like it was this summer, just like it will be in the spring. I sleep now with this comfort.

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